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Group Therapy

We offer group therapy for children, adolescents/teenagers, adults, and couples.  Group therapy is structured to provide support to members who are working towards a common goal of improving well-being and quality of life.  Group therapy usually consists of 6-10 members who meet consistently each week.  Group members have things in common and can be helpful partners/ peers for each others’ growth.   The therapist will lead the topic of discussion and provide a supportive examination of the issues or problems affecting each member.  Group members also serve as a source of support since they are encouraged to communicate in an open and honest manner.  Each group offers opportunities for growth since much of the learning comes from the interactions between members as they work together to manage emotions, cope with stressors, defeat negative emotional states, develop/ maintain healthy behaviors. 

At HCWC we offer group therapy that explores a range of themes, including:

Children/ Adolescents:


Social Skills Group

Anti-Bullying Group

Lego Social Skills Group

Stress Management Group



Women’s Issues Group

Men’s Issues Group

Parenting Group

Trauma Group

Pregnancy/ Postpartum Support Group

Anger Management

Divorce/ Separation Recovery Support Group

Stress Management Group

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