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Coren Kajioka, Psy. D.


Born and raised in Honolulu, Dr. Coren Kajioka brings richness and diversity in working with people of all ages, cultural backgrounds, and personal values. His training includes working intensively with children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families dealing with loss, trauma, abuse, depression, parental divorce or separation, anxiety, social difficulties with peers, challenging and oppositional behaviors, family conflict, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), academic school issues, Autism, learning disorders, and developmental delays.


Dr. Kajioka is incredibly passionate about empowering youth and fostering positive growth in their developmental process. He also focuses on being attuned and relatable to youth by utilizing a strengths-based integrative approach through the use of humor and respect in a safe, nurturing environment.


Dr. Kajioka works collaboratively and dynamically with individuals, couples, and families while providing a warm, empathic space to address any of life’s challenges. He spends time with each person to focus on establishing a trusting working alliance, which he believes to be entirely necessary in any therapeutic environment. With humility and unconditional positive regard, Dr. Kajioka offers a clear vision for individuals wanting to improve communication, work through interpersonal conflicts, and facilitate healthy interactions. 

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