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Adolescent Individual Therapy

Parents are sometimes concerned about their adolescents’/teenagers’ behavior and benefit from talking to someone about how to proceed.  Adolescents may sometimes exhibit oppositional behavior, aggression, mood swings, anxiety, body image issues, or even self-harm.  It is helpful to find ways to support your teen during these transitional times, as well as get support for yourself.  It is important for adolescents and teens to have a separate space and time to talk about their problems with an individual therapist.  In the case that your teenager has individual sessions, the occasional scheduled parent or family session may be an essential factor in therapeutic success.  These arrangements may be discussed and made with your therapist at the time of your intake session.

At HCWC we provide support for a range of challenges that adolescents/teenagers experience, including:

Attention/ Hyperactivity 


Anger and Aggression



Social and Parental Pressure

Body Image/ Personal Image Issues

Self Worth

Internet Addiction

Alcohol and Drugs

School Performance Problems

Stress Management

Family Conflict

Separation or Divorce

Foster Care

Social Interaction Issues


School/ Online Bullying/ Problems with Peers/ Peer Pressure

Intimate Partner Violence

Grief and Loss

Trauma / PTSD


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