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Couples Therapy


Relationships are hard.  No couple is perfect.  But help is available with well trained couples’ therapists.  Couples struggle with a number of stressors, including: arguments, conflicts, communication problems, feeling stuck, hopeless, lonely, or disconnected, and life transition issues. We can work with you to deepen your bonds and strengthen your relationship, or if necessary, make important stage of life decisions about the current state of your relationship. 

At HCWC we provide support for a range of challenges that couples experience, including:


Trust / Jealousy


Chronic Arguments

Feelings of Betrayal


Sexual Difficulties

Sex and Intimacy

Gender Roles

Painful Pasts

Life Decisions

Parenting Conflicts

Marriage/ Cohabiting Conflict

Premarital Concerns

Financial Issues

Managing Work, Stress, and Relationship


Stress and Anxiety


Chronic Pain

Emotional Dependency

Trauma/ PTSD


Anger Management Issues

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